The difference in using a local Home Care Business, it's all about values.

Posted by Linda Summerton on Nov 8, 2018 4:41:44 PM

Sometimes I get an unexpected and timely reminder of why we started a Home Care business – and just what a difference the knowledge and connections of a truly local provider can make to people in the community.

Today was one of those days!

I was contacted by a friend of a friend on Facebook who was trying to organise a trip to the beach for her Nan’s 97th birthday. Nan lives in an Aged Care facility and is confined to bed, making a simple trip to the beach a challenge!.

When she reached out, I let her know about some options, one of which was to utilize a private ambulance service to get Nan surf-side, probably the only option for someone who is unable to sit in a wheelchair.

I am so pleased to advise that Nan made it to the beach for her birthday!!

I wanted to shout out to the local private ambulance service – EMT 
such a great service – thanks guys (You never know you might get to meet Prince Harry…..) 


As a local provider, we have extensive knowledge of a whole range of services here on the
coast – whether they be mainstream or a bit more specialized.
Keep in mind when you are in need
of a Home Care provider that a little bit of local knowledge can make a big difference.

Just ask Nan!


Nan 97

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