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Why Young People with a Disability Do NOT Belong in a Nursing Home

Posted by Linda Summerton on Aug 20, 2015 1:05:50 PM


There are more than 7,000 young people living in Aged Care facilities in Australia. By 'young' people I mean people under the age of 65, and a significant portion of this number is people under the age of 50 ! Why are they there ? Many of them are younger people with a disability with complex support needs that for one or more reasons can't be supported at home. It could be the cost, the physical environment of their home, the difficulties staffing their support, family issues - sometimes its complicated, its hard and its very costly for a younger person with complex support needs to remain at home. BUT that doesn't make it ok to place them in an Aged Care facility, there has to be a better way.
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5 Things I DIDN'T Expect When I Placed Mum in an Aged Care Facility

Posted by Linda Summerton on Dec 11, 2014 3:22:00 PM

 1. So Many Decisions to Make

 I always knew it was going to be a difficult time. My mother's greatest fear was to end up in a Nursing Home, so when the time finally came that she had run out of options, I took some comfort in the fact that this was my area of expertise, I had helped many clients to find and settle into a facility so at least it should be a smooth path. To say I underestimated the impact the move would have on her, and us her family - putting it mildly - was an understatement. Despite my nursing background, and first hand knowledge of facilities (having worked in some) and end of life planning , there were things I just wasn't prepared for .....

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