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'Sunshine Coast Disability Expo' Come along and meet our team!

Posted by Janet Gibbins on Sep 1, 2018 10:30:00 AM

We are really excited to be a part of this great initiative! Read on to find out how this idea came about and for updates and advice outlined below. 

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Permanent or Significant and Reasonable and Necessary

Posted by Janet Gibbins on Aug 29, 2018 3:32:31 PM

This is often the topic of conversation when people start getting ready to meet with their planners. The uncertainty behind what they class as reasonable and necessary supports or if your disability is classed as significant.

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Posted by Janet Gibbins on Aug 20, 2018 3:18:00 PM

Come along and say hello!! Advanced Care staff will be in attendance with giveaways and be able to answer your questions regarding our support services.

  • ACA provides support to all ages / all abilities - including children and young people. 

  • Experienced in high / complex support needs

  • Accustomed to working with the client and their parents to achieve outcomes.

  • Careful matching of staff - ensuring you and your  child are comfortable with the support staff. 

  • Working in partnership with Occupational Therapists / Physio / Speech - able to provide up to date, detailed feedback regarding progress towards support goals / achievement of specific outcomes.
  • short term / post injury or accident specialists

  • We are flexible, & responsive to changing needs of our clients & their carers

  • Online Booking Page 

  • We employ the latest technology to ensure staff have arrived at booked times, and all file notes are recorded via our app and stored securely in our database for reference/review/

 If you are unable to attend or have questions you need answered about support services you can contact us by phone or online message here: 

Contact Us for Advice 

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Senior Care & Lifestyle Expo

Posted by Linda Summerton on Aug 15, 2018 12:55:00 PM

The expo is about empowering individuals, couples and their families to ensure they are well prepared when making decisions related to the needs of individuals and what types of accommodations, services and support is available.

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Developing your NDIS Plan

Posted by Amber Ward on Aug 13, 2018 1:35:00 PM

The NDIS recognizes that people with disabilities have different needs, which is why they are giving you choice and control over how your plans are spent.

Over the coming weeks/months, you or your nominee will be contacted to organise your NDIS plan. This can be done over the phone or at a location convenient to yourself, the customer. Your current supports will continue until you have your plan, so breathe.

The NDIS planner will ask you questions about your personal details, current community and mainstream activities – as well as those you want to access in the future, how you manage your activities of daily living and your safety at home and in the community. They will also assist you in setting your reasonable and necessary goals and get your plan started. Finally, they will ask if you are going to self-manage, plan manage or NDIS manage your funds. It is important that you know the definitions of each of these so that you can make an informed decision. 

Again, Advanced Care has staff that can help you pre-develop your plan – we even have a pre-planning document that we are more than happy to assist you to complete. By having this information ready on the day of your planning meeting, you can be reassured that you have as much information as possible, to give to your planner. The more information you can give to the planner, the more they will understand the impacts your disabilities have on your everyday life. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff at Advanced Care on 1300 628 485



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Getting Ready for the NDIS in Five Simple Steps!

Posted by Janet Gibbins on Aug 7, 2018 5:43:12 PM

Find out when the NDIS is coming to you Sunshine Coast! We should all be receiving or have already received a letter. If not, please call the NDIS on 1800 800 110 and ask if they have your details. If they don’t have your details, you will need to complete a request to access form.

  1. Learn if you might be able to access the NDIS. Accessing the NDIS depends on your age, residency and disability. Are you under 65 years old? Are you an Australian resident? Do you have a permanent disability?

  2. Think about your life now, your current informal and formal supports, and what is working and what might need to change. Informal supports include the help you get from family and friends. Formal supports are supports you might pay for or get through a program.

  3. Identify your strengths, interests and challenges. Consider your goals or what you might like to achieve.

  4. Write these things down and collect any reports, assessments or information you might find helpful for when the NDIS comes to you. 

Remember, an NDIS partner working in your community will help you get ready when it is time for you to join the NDIS.


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How to overcome apprehension about having care at home

Posted by Linda Summerton on Aug 3, 2018 12:30:35 PM



A lot of people find it very stressful to acknowledge that they need the assistance, and then taking the next step in actually allowing carers through the door can be very daunting. So how can you help your parents / loved ones to come to terms with having in home support ? how do you help them adjust ?
When someone first needs care they are usually dealing with loss; loss of independence to some degree, it could be a physical or mental loss of capacity or they just see needing help as a sign of weakness.

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NDS Community Inclusion Initiative

Posted by Amber Ward on Jul 13, 2018 4:30:31 PM


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Home Care Funding - Will it be enough

Posted by Linda Summerton on Jul 10, 2018 6:14:56 PM

  • Currently, the government provides two tiers of service to assist people in staying in their own home – the Community Home Support Program and the four levels of Home Care Packages. The goal is that this support will enable people to remain living in their own home – rather than having to enter an Aged Care Facility / Nursing Home. 

    While this sounds great – the reality is proving to be less than ideal for those with a burning desire to stay in their own home. There are some current issues that can – and do – result in people having to enter a facility despite their best efforts to stay in their home.

The waiting game

  • someone may choose to wait as long as possible before entering the system, and by the time they reach out for help – there is then a further wait to be assessed for support and to have a Home Care Package allocated. It’s not as simple as calling up the My Aged Care team and having someone on your doorstep within the week – or in fact in some cases within weeks or months. Even once assessed you will most likely then be placed in the ‘queue’ and allocated a package when one becomes available.


  • Once a Home Care Package is available you then need to do the ‘leg work’ to find your provider. This means comparing services on " aged care" website – and numerous phone calls/internet searches to locate the right provider for you, and then the process of signing up with your provider before your care gets started.

The cost 

  • The cost – support comes at a cost, and this comes as a shock to some people while the care is heavily subsidised everybody pays a contribution towards their care - it is still going to hurt the hip pocket, particularly for those with above average income and assets.

? is it enough – a level 4 package

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Update! Done and Dusted ** Linda Summerton gains admission to the prestigious 'Advanced Leadership Program'

Posted by Janet Gibbins on Jun 26, 2018 2:33:00 PM



She did it! Another feather in our Managing Director/CEO's cap.

Great work Linda along with running a very busy company. How do you think this will assist you in your role with Advanced Care? 

"The course has equipped me with an invaluable set of skills and knowledge on both a personal – and a professional level, and I am very excited about what this will mean for Advanced Care. Whilst I am immensely proud of what we have achieved over our 15 years in business, our focus now needs to be on progressing our company to the next level through strong and effective leadership.  The program was instrumental in me developing a clear plan for our team for the future, and I am excited to start putting it all into practice. I am confident the skills I have gained will enable us to lead a resilient, high performing, and empowered team of Care Workers who will themselves develop as individuals during their time with our company.  I highly recommend this program to Women in a Leadership role, in addition to the valuable and comprehensive content – it was a joy to meet, and work with a group of inspiring women from a broad range of industries"
















We are very proud to share this news for both Linda, and Advanced Care Australia. This program was created to radically develop Australia's executive talent pool, the program is enabling the advancement of elite women across all sectors and industries. During a career-defining 12 month journey, participants accelerate their own career potential and become part of an exclusive cohort of exceptional female leaders.

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