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Posted by Linda Summerton on Feb 26, 2017 5:31:17 PM

Home CAre packages via consumer Directed Care packages
what does this mean for you or your loved ones? 


With the new changes now in effect regarding portability of Home Care Packages  this is a good time to evaluate where your current package is held & how satisfied you are with your current provider.

If you are happy with your existing provider then that's good news for you. However its worth noting that from Feb 2017, you can move your package from your existing provider should you be unsatisfied with your current allocated hours/fees/staff or any other factor you may be like changed.

services under a home care package are  flexible & designed to help with individual support needs.

The types of support that may be provided as part of a package can include the following: 

  • Bathing, showering or personal hygiene
  • Domestic Assistance - Laundry/Vaccuming ect
  • Social support/Community Access 
  • Transport
  • Shopping
  • In-home respite
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication monitoring

Clients can also access allied health services and other support options as part of their package of care. We have alliances with various Allied Health Partners here on the coast and in all of our service locations

It is important to know that the services provided initally can be changed to reflect changing needs.

To receive a Home Care Package, an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) must assess you. These specialists will determine whether your needs can be best met by an appropriate level of Packaged Care. An ACAT assessment is free.

Home Care Packages start at Level 1 for people with less need of support and go through to Level 4 for those people with higher support needs. 

All Home Care Packages operate on a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) basis. Every Packaged Care client has an individual budget based on their specific goals and needs. 

When you are accepted onto the Packaged Care service, an individual support/care plan is designed to best meet the specific needs and goals of individual clients.  Advanced Care will discuss with you or your family / friends  the various support options available to assist with your care needs and goals.
Services are available 24/7 with an accessible oncall phone for approved clients

Advanced Care aims to support you or your loved one to achieve your goals at your preferred level of independence, with services assisting you to be as in control of your life as you desire.

The Commonwealth Department of Health sets the maximum fee for Home Care Package services. The fee for these service is means tested for each individual person and is based on their pension status. An inability to afford the fee does not prevent someone accessing Home Care Package services

In regards to this funding, a great place to start is by visiting the government 'MY AGED CARE'
website for all types of valuable general information.

If you follow the link below you can start by reviewing approved providers in your area.  



Newly Approved Provider Status for Advanced care australia 

Advanced Care Australia is now an approved Home Care Package provider, & can now proudly offer service areas including the Sunshine Coast , Gympie, Tewantin, Caloundra, Caboolture, Brisbane North, Noosa & surrounds, Redcliffe, Bribie Island areas & many more! 

We are pleased to also advise that we have a new partnership with a local Sydney team who can service Sydney area along with the central coast of NSW.

My Aged Care Case Study: Compilation

Watch this video as it explains some of the services you can expect to be provided with under your 'Home Care Package' from real client point of view.  Its easy to watch, but you will need of course to ensure your sound is turned on! 


A Word from the Managing Director 

During my years of experience in providing home in the community, I have heard a lot of stories from clients and members of the community about their experiences with home care providers - and the tales have been both good and bad.

What I've learnt from this, and from sourcing home support my own parents - is that there are many common denominators in what constitutes a good provider - the majority of clients all had the same concerns and complaints.

One of my greatest teachers was my mother - when she was having care at home it was her personal experience and willingness to share details of her day to day challenges that opened my eyes to what REALLY matters to those who need support at home.

Now I will acknowledge that not everyone who requires care at home has a choice (yet) of which provider will support them. However with the introduction of the consumer directed care (CDC) & the roll out of the NDIS- this is changing, and people will have much more choice about who provides their support - and rightly so.

For those of you who already have the choice - and for those of you who soon will have - here's some tips on what to look for and what questions to ask when considering who will provide your support.


1. Quality Certification

this is a process where the agency is audited by an independent, professional body to ensure the way they conduct business, and how support provided is maintained at a high standard and meets set requirements.

This certification is YOUR safety net - it ensures that if you do have an issue or concern, there are steps you can take to have it investigated and rectified. ? is the provider quality certified ? of course any organization approved under the Department of Health must have these certifications. So beware if you self manage, and or are planning on hiring your own contractors..

2. Staffing 

can you have a small, consistent team of staff ? if your regular staff are sick or on leave can the provider send a replacement ? what training, qualifications and screening to the staff undergo - you want to be confident that the staff you are allowing into your home have been thoroughly screened, and have the skills to undertake the support you needs. ? what involvement do you have in planning your supports.http://www.advancedcare.com.au/why-advanced-care-australia-

 3. Accessibility of Management 

? are they located interstate - if so communication can be difficult, ? are they available outside of hours ? how do they manage complaints ? do you speak to the same person regularly for your needs or is there a high turnover of staff. This really impacts your satisfaction with your service. As you may know we are based right here ion the beautiful Sunshine Coast. 

4. Flexibility and Responsiveness

can you change the time of your shift at short notice ? how much notice do they need for you to cancel a shift ? can you have a worker replaced that you aren't comfortable with. ? how quickly do they investigate and resolve any concerns ? how easy is it to make changes - are they readily available to discuss issues.

5. Do You have a Written Agreement outlining Your Rights 

do you know what rights you have as a client ? do you know your responsibilities - what you need to do to play your part in enabling the provider to support you. these should be provided and explained to you when you commence services. 

That's just some basic tips on what to look for, but in all my experience while the above are all important it is the little things that really count. Most people really just want good, consistent basics from their provider - in particular - to have a small team that they are comfortable with, who do their job in a respectful and friendly manner, provide the support at a time that suits them and the management team is readily accessible if there is a problem. It's the little things - that can make a big difference. 

Please click on the clipboard image below for a free down loadable check list of the above items


 Questions Home Care

 Do you have an interesting story about a provider - share your story below. 

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